I'd been itching with this idea for a while.

I envisioned a scene of the walls of Jerusalem, and what it would feel like to walk into the gates of the holy city, Moshiach times. Something magical, mystical, and of course, watercolor. 


I was stuck on my execution, and how this painting would happen (something similar to artist's block), but then it came. 

Within a few hours of focused work, I was already 1/2 done. Quite hilarious to think about, as I can have a painting that sits for months. "Aliyah" is a creation of my heart, and has now been upgraded to one of my favorite paintings thus far. 


I'm thankful for the periods of time where I feel no inspiration, that allow for an authentic flow. The wait translates to real, and deep beauty. 



Aliyah,The Ascent

  • Original Watercolor Painting